how it works

At the core of the system is a timed automatic stop tap, comprising an internally mounted keypad, designed and built in the UK. The pad has water control buttons, mini infrared detection and battery indicator. This is connected via a thin 3core cable to an external frost resisting motorised ball valve inserted immediately after the existing manual stop tap under your holiday home.

When your holiday home is occupied the water will stay on, when you leave your home the water will turn off automatically after a preset time, this time limit that can be adjusted. No more ringing the site office to ask them to turn your water off!  No more leaving your water on between visits!

Caraguard Protection System
The kit can be fitted by one of your local installers or by any competent DIY enthusiast. It contains:

  • 9 volt battery for ease of installation ( no mains power to connect ) - Mains adaptor available if required.
  • Frost resisting motorised ball valve for positive shut off using high quality compression joints.
  • Cold tolerant lithium battery pack for long life in cold conditions (1year subject to use).
  • Adjustable timer via DIP switch on rear of unit which can be set to 2,6,12 or 18 hour delay before switch off.
  • Keypad which fits a standard single socket box and is the size of a single light switch.
  • Low battery warning light and low power water switch off.
  • Alarm light for optional water leak detectors, which will not allow water switch on until the leak is found.
  • 6.5 meters of cable between valve & switch ensuring convenient installation.
  • Optional ' Easy Drain Down Kits ' to help protect your holiday home when frost may be present. 

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