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The outside water stoptap being left on whilst the occupier is away is the biggest cause of water flood damage to caravans and holiday homes. As a static caravan repair company we thought about this problem and invented the CaraGuard timed stoptap. With CaraGuard installed you can never leave your holiday home water on again, even if family or friends have used the home then no need to worry the water will be turned off under your caravan!! 

More and more holiday parks are now open through the winter months and whilst this is good news for potential bookings and extra holidays, it does increase the risks of flooding as the weather becomes colder and water pipes risk frost damage. This causes the materials to weaken, resulting in burst pipes that allow water to leak out. Even during the summer months the water should be off, as rodents look to nest they can chew water pipes causing leaks both inside and outside the home but especially behind baths and showers.

Leaks can go undetected as the home lies empty and the flood damage and water loss can become extremely costly.

CaraGuard Protection System is a modular package designed to turn the water supply off at the touch of a button, or independently if you forgeT+34.567.357

The advantages of CaraGuard don't stop there!!!

The water supply can be turned off and on from inside your holiday home, no more hunting around in the dark or rain to get to the stop tap. Just push and go!

Most insurance companies now require that if your caravan is unoccupied during the winter months then the water supply must be shut off in order to comply with their cover. The passive infrared sensor on the control panel detects any lack of occupancy over a specified time and automatically switches the water supply off giving you added protection and peace of mind wherever you are.

Beware of cheaper remote stoptaps on the market that are plastic or solonoid valves, these are designed for domestic housing that do not have the risk of frost.   When developing the system we tried most of the alternatives and all failed to some degree in frost. This could give rise to your water being turned back on when you are not there with the resulting flood damage !!

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