All the features are designed to save you time & money & give you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected from domestic flood damage 24 hours a day. Combine with our optional Boiler and Shower savers for easy drain downs and will also help you to comply with the latest insurance clauses for winter use.

Add on our easy fit sensor plates to protect against the small leaks that can go unnoticed behind showers etc and protects against faulty water fittings. The sensor plates will turn off the water when wet and will flash a warning on the panel.

Caraguard Protection System
The key benefits of CaraGuard:

  • No more scrambling around to locate the stop tap.
  • No more bending down under your decking, or hanging through a trap door to locate your stop tap.
  • No more struggles with a frozen tap that you can't turn.
  • No more worries of 'did I turn the water off?'
  • No more returning to your holiday home to discover domestic flood damage.
  • Easy to install or have installed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to leave knowing the water supply will be automatically switched off if you forget!
  • With the extra easydrain kit this becomes the fastest way to drain down your holiday home without going outside. (approx 2 miniutes)

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